5 Discoveries From Geese That Will Help ANY Recruitment Manager Transform Results

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August 18th, 2015





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One of the things that highly successful businesses do is to model success and today I would like to share with you 5 things that we can learn from geese that will help any Recruitment Managers to transform results.


Have you ever watched a flock of geese fly overhead and wondered how they stay in a perfect V-formation and how each and every year they travel thousands of miles arriving at their destination successfully? Scientists that have studied geese and their migration habits and have found some interesting answers. So what can you learn from geese and apply in your own recruitment business to improve performance and consequently results.


The first thing geese do is that they rotate the lead goose.


When flying in formation there is always one goose leading the group at the front, directing the flock where to fly. However, it’s not always the same strong goose at the front leading. The geese take it in turns to rotate this role so that each leader has a chance to rest and to be at full strength when they have to take the lead once again.


5 Discoveries from geese that will help any Recruitment Managers transform results Centred Excellence 1

In business you don’t always have to lead from the front. As long as people know where they are heading, anyone can take the lead.  Sometimes it is wise to take a step back and allow someone in your team to take the lead for a while. Delegating responsibility will not only free you up to focus on other tasks, it will also encourage your team members to step up and take on more responsibility as well as up-skill and empower them.


The 2nd thing is the V formation.


The V-shape that geese fly in makes it easier for the flock to fly long distances. This formation creates an ‘uplift’ that enables the geese to fly 71% further than if they were flying on their own. The geese in front create a slipstream that makes it easier for the geese at the back of the formation and by rotating positions the whole flock benefits.


5 Discoveries from geese that will help any Recruitment Managers transform results Centred Excellence 2

If you think about this in the context of winning business – it makes sense for the person best at opening up the relationship to go in initially and win the business, then this can create a slip stream for others to then expand and deliver on the account.

Also generally business objectives are long term, kind of like running a marathon, or as in the case of the geese, crossing the Atlantic. Similarly as a recruitment  manager you need to consider what formation will help uplift your team so that they can achieve in the long haul. How can you rotate responsibilities so that everyone gets as change to lead in front and to rest at the back? How can you continuously uplift your team?


The next thing that geese do is to support those falling behind.


When one of the geese gets ill or is too weak to keep up with the flock it doesn’t just get left behind to fend for itself. Instead two other geese will drop down and stay back with it until it is strong enough to once again join the flock.


5 Discoveries from geese that will help any Recruitment Managers transform results Centred Excellence 3

How can you employ a similar strategy with your team that are maybe struggling? Remember they are still part of your team. If they are left to figure things out for themselves its unlikely that they will be able to get back up to the same level as the rest of  your billing team. But if you assign two strong team members to mentor, coach and support the struggling person they may quickly learn the skills needed to once again make a full contribution to the team.


Encouragement from all from the team.


When the flock is migrating it is the geese at the back that make all the noise – that honk as they fly. This is to signal to the lead geese that everything is okay at the back and to encourage them to keep going.


5 Discoveries from geese that will help any Recruitment Managers transform results Centred Excellence 4

In a similar way you can encourage your team to celebrate successes not matter how big or small, and also provide feedback on a regular basis so that everyone knows they are on track. Building up a culture of encouragement and accountability in your team can also help you achieve your goals more effectively.


Finally geese are great team workers.


A goose on its own will not be able to make the long trans-Atlantic journey. They only achieve this remarkable feat because they work together as a flock. The geese are ‘buddies’, they know each other well and this is how they manage to fly so far together.


5 Discoveries from geese that will help any Recruitment Managers transform results Centred Excellence 5

Develop genuine relationships with your team that extends beyond the office and your business targets. Arrange social and team building events and get together’s where you team can get to know each other in a more relaxed environment. Doing things together outside of work can really pull a team together.


Applying these simple principles can help you build a stronger a better performing team. Use the analogy of geese flying in formation with your team and encourage them to work together to achieve your goals.


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