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3 W Questions That Will Totally Change Your Consultants Performance

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Career Path & Job Specs – Trainee to Recruitment Manager

This document gives you the exact job descriptions and career path for trainee recruiter right through to recruitment manager. This is a very useful document when putting together your career path and promotion criteria. I hope you find it as useful as we did!


Template / Guide

Recruitment Consultant Appraisal Template

Appraisals are different from business reviews – they focus on skills and competencies rather than figures and strategy. Run either 6 or 12 monthly, they are an important part of succession planning, they help individuals to develop strengths and other skills. This template gives you a basic structure to follow. I suggest you create a bespoke template for your business as the competencies and skills will differ business to business.


Template / Guide

Weekly Team Recruitment Review Form

A 10 to 15 minute Weekly Review at your desk make a huge difference to your consistent billings as it helps you to look at what’s been working well and what you need to do the coming week to keep you on track. This form gives you a simple structure to follow.


Template / Guide

Monthly Business Review Template

Monthly Business Reviews can transform your personal and team’s performance when facilitated effectively. This form gives you a step by step format with key questions so that both the recruiter and manager are clear about what needs to be done, what the plan is and what has been agreed to achieve the results you both want.

Monthy Recruitment Business Review Checklist