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3 essentials to maintain momentum and billings centred excellence 4

3 Essentials To Maintain Momentum And Billings

Posted by Nicky Coffin




[This is a direct transcription from the video please excuse any typing errors.]


Hi I’m Nicky Coffin and welcome back to our Recruitment Manager Training Tips.


Today I would like to share with you 3 essentials to maintain momentum and billings


Getting your team up to a top billing level takes a lot of effort and focus, so once you’ve got there you want to be able to maintain that level of performance. When you achieve this your team will get consistent billings and go from strength to strength.


What is the secret to getting this right? Here are 3 essentials to focus on to maintain momentum and billings:


The 1st thing is Consistency


3 essentials to maintain momentum and billings centred excellence 1

Most of us underestimate the value consistency has. Many of the recruitment managers I work with tell me that they get easily bored quickly and that they like variety. Studies show that it takes repetition – in order for something to become a habit. You may need to say something 2000 times before it becomes part of the muscle or you may need to repeat actions every day for 30 days before it becomes an entrenched habit.


When you make changes in your team, even if these are just small tweaks you need to ensure that everyone is consistently taking the action needed for the change. In one example a recruiter identified that just sending out 3 CV’s a day would mean that she billed £300k per year. She consistently worked  on this one focus, finding and sending out 3 good quality CV’s a day. In the beginning it took a lot of time, but slowly the results started to show. After two months she had doubled her billings. The focus on the most important thing daily had become a habit and it showed in the results.


The 2nd thing to maintain momentum and billings is Motivation


3 essentials to maintain momentum and billings centred excellence 2

There are many ways to keep a team motivated and a lot will depend on the personalities and individuals in your team. Don’t be afraid of incorporating fun or friendly competition in to the mix.


Being able to have a laugh as well as focus on working will create a fun atmosphere in the team. Even friendly teasing can be good, as long as it isn’t demeaning or hurtful. When people are relaxed they tend to work better.


Team competitions are also a good idea as it recognises people that get the results and encourages individuals to match the efforts of their colleagues.  Another way to keep your team motivated it to have team building events outside of the office where everyone can get to know each other better in a social setting.   This doesn’t have to be something big – maybe just drinks on a Friday or monthly team lunch at a local café.


The 3rd thing to maintain momentum and billings is Continual Development


3 essentials to maintain momentum and billings centred excellence 3

There is always an opportunity to learn and encouraging this culture of continual learning can help keep momentum going. This doesn’t always have to be you that leads it.  Get your consultants in your team involved – it could be anything from learning how to use the database, or do a great Boolean search or how to negotiate 25%.  The truth is everyone in your team will have something that they are excellent at – work out what it is and how you can utilise this skill to cascade knowledge and also help to develop others in your team.


All you need do is to facilitate the development – set times to have the training sessions and manage the timetable of who is doing what when.


That is our recruitment manager training tip for today and if you would like to know 9 specific strategies to enable your team to bill more then sign up to my new free training webinar – The 9 Keys To Get Your Team To Bill Multiple 6 Figures This Year And Beyond. I’ll be showing you the specific strategies and techniques to get increased performance fast  and here’s our link to sign up.


I look forward to seeing you next time!






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