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4 key things to guarantee successful hires centred excellence 1

4 Key Things You Must Have In Place To Guarantee Successful Hires

Posted by Nicky Coffin




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Hi I’m Nicky Coffin and welcome back to our Recruitment Manager Training Tips.


Hiring the right people for your recruitment team has to be one of the biggest challenges that most recruitment business face.  It’s ironic really that we are expert at recruitment, yet when it comes to hiring for ourselves it’s something that A LOT of recruitment businesses are particularly rubbish at.


Why is this?  In my experience, it’s because most managers hire based on gut feel, rarely test for specific behaviours and don’t have a set process that is followed.


As John Travolta said– the secret to a successful marriage is choosing the right person to marry in the first place. You can’t expect a duckling to grow into an eagle, and for me, the thing that sets top performing recruiters from others is purely their attitude.  You can teach someone how to recruit, but you can’t teach someone how to be self motivated and persistent.  They either have it or they don’t.


So here are 4 key things to have in place to guarantee successful hires:


The 1st thing is deciding what predetermined criteria you are going to test for at interview


4 key things to guarantee successful hires centred excellence 4

There are certain attributes that make a great recruiter. Traits such as persistence and resilience, people with experience of overcoming big blocks in their life.


People that are goal orientated and who are driven internally to be successful.  Top performers talk about being the best and making a difference because its important for them that they are recognised for what they are capable of.


It’s important for top performers to always to be learning and progressing and they love a challenge and will have an innate ability to prioritise what the most important things are to focus on.


Before you even start interviewing, decide what predetermined criteria is important for your business and then build a recruitment process around this specific criteria.


The 2nd thing to have in place is questions that will probe specific behaviours


4 key things to guarantee successful hires centred excellence 2

When interviewing, use questions that will give you evidence that this person has a specific behaviour as part of their personality.  Competency questions are useful, for example:


Can you tell me about a time that you had to overcome a major challenge?  What was the challenge and what did you do?  Or


Tell me about a time you achieved exceptional results? Or


Tell me about a time you have got a colleague or other department in the business to go that extra mile for you?


The 3rd thing to have in place is some sort of live test


4 key things to guarantee successful hires centred excellence 3

As part of the interview process, tests show how someone will really react and highlights their true abilities.  There are people who are great talkers, but when it comes to walking the walk, they aren’t able to take action.


Some of the tests you should consider include: getting them to speak to candidates and ask them to extract certain information from them or getting them on the phone and ask them to find out hard to find information about a company.


I’m also a huge believer in psychometric testing – mainly because it helps us to look at someone neutrally rather than falling into the halo or horns scenario where because you like someone, at an unconscious level you will look for evidence to back that up  and delete anything unconscious that goes against your beliefs.


The 4th thing would be to elicit their values

4 key things to guarantee successful hires centred excellence 5

Find out what’s important to them about becoming a recruitment consultant and why they want to get into recruitment.  This will draw out their key motivations and also show you if they have top performer traits.


Because what someone values will determine how they spend their time, you are looking for people that will spend their time being successful. Also knowing their values will mean that you can check if their values match yours.


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I look forward to seeing you next time!





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