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4 Strategies To Help Your Recruiters Bill More

Posted by Nicky Coffin

Over the last month I have opened my leader manager programme again and the next advanced programme for a select group of managers.


One popular question is always asked; “How can I get my team to bill more-consistently?”


A big question, with a number of layers to explore. Though it always starts with some basic principles that any recruitment team has to focus on. The internet, digital marketing and LinkedIn may have changed how we achieve some of these and the basics have changed little.


1. Train them….well……consistently


Obvious I know and yet not every recruitment organisation has its focus here. Remember people grow with attention and training shouldn’t happen just once. Teach them what they need to know. There is no excuse now with the advanced learning strategies available and online media, webinars and podcasts.


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Here is something many recruitment managers don’t appreciate. You must school them in ‘you’ as an organisation and brand; they are your brand ambassadors in the market place. Do they know what your value proposition is for your clients and candidates? Do they know your core sales messages and how to communicate them; professionally and consistently?


If they don’t they need to and it must be consistent across all your team. When it comes to this there is no room for mavericks in today’s ultra-competitive market place.


2. Prospecting


Even though inbound marketing makes everyone’s life easier, prospecting is a key part of a recruiter’s role. A mentor of mine often says if your conversion rate is over 60% you are not talking to enough people; ouch! Here is the real truth, the reason most recruiting teams don’t hit their billings is because they don’t have enough clients and candidates in their business development pipeline or they are working with the wrong clients. We both know that is true. Develop their skills to fix this and you will be astounded at the results.


3. Focus on the key job function


Recruitment consultant’s primary function is to bill; all actions that don’t lead or truly contribute to that result need to be eliminated.


The 80/20 concept plays out for all of us; especially when it comes to business development. What are the 20% of core activities that lead to the important results? Identify them with your team and then focus on these. Use KPI’s religiously. Not as a stick but to make life easier for them. Note: it might surprise you and I still work with my own KPI’s now!


4. Monitor review and coach


Guess what happens if you don’t weed the borders in your garden? Weeds grow; and the longer you leave them they establish deeper roots and eventually the whole place is in a mess and it takes ages to sort it out. I think you get the message.


Remember you were likely a star biller that is why you are now a manager or a director in the company. Not all recruiters are the same. They need attention, a pat on the back and some direction. And you know; just like our gardening analogy, it doesn’t take a huge amount of time to keep things on track.


I remember my first ever sales job. My manager at the time had a weekly review with me where I had to talk through my activity report for the week. What gets measured most certainly gets made! I hated going to see him with a c… score card! The good thing was I was supported and that is what made the difference for me.


Pay attention to these four areas and wait for their results to change.


I hope you found this article useful.  If you would like some more tips on how to deal with the inner game or help your team to deal with their inner game – join my FREE Webinar ‘The 6 Step System to Convert Your Under Performers to High Billers in 14 days or Less’ 


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