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How To Spot The Classic Underperformers Lurking in Your Team

Here at Centredexcellence Katy and I are well known for helping Recruitment Business owners turn around their underperforming billing teams. In fact, you can download our white paper on the subject here.  Underperformance in a team can be insidious and ruin your chances of scaling your recruitment company at the speed you want.  So how do you spot those poor performers? Naturally, lack of results is a big clue, isn’t it? Though there are some other traits…
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4 Ways To Attract High Performing Billers

Katy and I work with hundreds of recruitment and staffing owners across the globe. Ours is a unique industry, with agencies often started by a driven recruiter in a spare room hitting the phones and taking no prisoners; JFDI is the place they usually come from!  Good for them.  Eventually, though the penny drops that if they want to scale and provide an income for both themselves, significant others and…
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Billing Manager Training: 3 Things You Must Teach Your New Billing Manager From Day One

Some time ago I wrote a post about what you must teach your new recruitment consultants. It was pretty popular; racking up thousands of views over the last few years.  As many recruitment business leaders know, getting your team performing well in the first few months is pivotal to your success; especially your billing managers.   A billing manager who can bill, motivate, and manage your consultants to even greater achievements is a ‘must…
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How To Use Goals (Properly) To Scale Your Recruitment Business

Last time we talked about the  first step to scaling, and you can read it here.  Now we want to talk about the power of goals and goal setting; pity so many people get it all wrong.  Fact: If you have a big vision the only way to bring it into reality is to set goals.  They provide us with specific outcomes and milestones…
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Scaling Your Recruitment Business Starts With This

Though scaling seems to be the buzzword of the year, it’s an appropriate term for the ambitious recruitment directors and managers we work with.  Before scaling can happen, one critical thing need to occur; guessed what it is?  You need to know what you want your business to look like when it is scaled, as Stephen Covey the New Your Times bestselling author and business expert states:      Here is the thing that many people…
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Are You Using The Hidden Powers Of Your Billing Team?

Over the past few posts, Katy and I have revealed the super strategies of high performing recruitment managers and their organisations.  Today we want to share a specific strategy related to your team, and their many hidden strengths that, when co-ordinated will skyrocket your results.  It’s known as the slipstream, and it’s incredibly powerful.  According to and Google a slipstream is defined as;  an assisting force regarded as drawing…
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Why Analytical Thinking Will Always Proceed Your Recruitment Growth

Last time we talked about deciding what you want and why you want it, when it comes to scaling the growth of your recruitment business.  Once these decisions are made it becomes about starting on a level playing field and deciding on your next move or gamechanger as Katy, and I call it, based on the data you have to hand.  All too often business owners miss this insightful and vital step.  I was…
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Why 2018 Will Be the Year of The Specialist Recruiter Part 2

Continuing our two–part series on how specialism will help you scale let‘s explore more about the subject in this post. You can read why 2018 will be the year of the specialist recruiter part 1 in case you missed it here. In a previous post, we talked about analysing your data as this will provide clues to where the gold jobs and niche are. Yes, it takes planning and preparation to identify which…
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Why 2018 Will Be The Year Of The Specialist Recruiter Part 1

Specialism has been one of the huge factors in the growth of every business sector imaginable over the last few years. It’s so crucial to your growth as a recruitment business owner that we have split this post into two parts.  Our online world has many upsides and we have a lot to thank the internet for; especially the way that it allows us to find and promote…
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Will You Ever Be An 8 Figure Recruitment Business Owner?

It’s likely you are reading this post at the end of one year or at the start of another. It’s a classic time for reflection, isn’t it?  The question is; are you getting the results you want for you, your business, and I suspect importantly; your family?  Every year, I like to close the year by reflecting on my past 12 months. I find it helps to gain valuable insights…
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