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There’s nothing like hearing about the experiences of recruitment business owners, directors and managers who are actually in Centred Excellence Programmes to give you confidence that it’s most definitely not “smoke and mirrors.”

Our programs are designed by recruitment business owners with proven track records of building high performing teams specifically for recruitment business owners who want high performing teams — and that’s a big part of why they work.


Abi Dunn

Founder - Sixtyeight People
"Just wanted to say a big thank you for this week. I loved it. And I’ll be honest - it’s the mindset stuff that I love. I’m a different person.

Literally haven’t stopped thinking about some of the learning. I know you already know this - and have made a difference to so many people - but for what it’s worth - you have made a difference to me. Personally and professionally. Thank you."


Mina Machacek

MD – Creative Personnel

The combination of Nicky and Katy is powerful. Nicky does more inner work and is able to help you go to a deeper level which means you understand yourself, what you want, what drives you and what is blocking you. This, then allows Katy to give you the how to achieve what you want.

Katy is very good at how you’re going to act and move towards what you want. She builds excellent rapport and trust with the team and managers. I see them as my partners. They are genuinely interested in the business doing well and they can both work at any level.

Ross Stretton

MD – RSL Recruitment
"We are still building but 2019 is looking better than ever. Budget for Q1 is already hit with most of Feb and Mar still to go. Plus today achieving my biggest single placement to date.

We have based our offering around the MPC game changer, spending most of our time seeking out top tier senior IT, Digital & Creative candidates, focusing on salaries above £50k to maintain the high fees.

Our new approach has generated invitations to be a preferred supplier from some of the businesses we have approached with our candidates.

Candidates are loving our approach, although most good recruiters should be applying this element, candidates perception is that they either, don’t do it, or, don’t do it well.

Thank you both for teaching me some vital skills to achieve my goals, I really do feel in flow with this now, here’s to the future…"

Cathy Bates

Cathy Bates

MD, Commercial Recruitment, Cheshire

I attended the Business Launch Pad and came back 2 days later a different person.  After completing some exercises with my team, I have even greater clarity.  I can honestly say that something has happened to me and it’s huge.  I feel as if I can suddenly see everything with great clarity.  And I’m crystal clear on my vision and my greater purpose of why I am here.  For me the change is monumental….




Dawn Turbitt

Emma Warren

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