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Helping KSB Recruitment Go From £16k to £175k A Month in Less Than Year


Dawn Turbitt

MD, KSB Recruitment

The Situation

KSB Recruitment is a specialist catering and hospitality recruitment company based in Birmingham with over 25 year’s experience in the sector. The team at KSB provide catering and hospitality staff to their clients across the world, including Dubai, America and the Far East.

Dawn has over 30 years successful experience in the recruitment sector.

Over eight years ago, during the recession, the business downsized, and Dawn took the opportunity to retrain as a midwife, which had been a passionate goal of Dawn’s for many years.

KSB during this time was managed by the finance director who managed the back office and a small team of consultants.

At the end of 2017, a number of challenges hit both Dawn and KSB.

The finance director was taken seriously ill with the result that Dawn had to step back in and take the reins. Then unexpectedly out of the blue Dawn’s mum suffered a life-threatening stroke.

The new life Dawn had planned as a midwife ended abruptly as she had no alternative but to step back into the business.

Dawn came back into a different recruitment world.

Social media, digital marketing and the way clients buy had all changed. In her own words, Dawn felt ‘clueless’ and realised she had to get up to speed fast.

The added challenge for Dawn was that sales were not coming in, yet the bills were mounting up and worse still, the consultants had no focus or direction.

Though KSB were finishing off a massive contract at the end of 2017, there was nothing in the pipeline for the following year.

The temp desk was literally ‘empty’, and the permanent side of the business was feast and famine and not sustainable in its current form. The consultants just weren’t billing consistently.

Worse still Dawn was ‘rusty’ when it came to managing and motivating a billing team.

Not taking a salary herself and maxing out on her credit cards to keep the company a float, Dawn new that something had to change and fast.

It was then she saw an advert on Facebook from Nicky Coffin and Centredexcellence, suggesting she book a call.

The Conversation With Centredexcellence

Dawn signed up for a Profit Accelerator Call with Nicky. During this conversation, she had multiple light bulb moments. Dawn shares more in her own words;

“When we spoke, I don't know you sparked something in me, it was just like this lady can help me, she knows what I'm going through.

I thought Nicky’s got some good nuggets that I could potentially take to help my business, and I just felt that we had that connection and I had a feeling that this could help me.

It was born from desperation, and I knew Nicky was absolutley genuine and that she did want to help my business turn around.

I could have gone to any number of people on Linkedin or wherever, all these different coaches who are out there, but it was just something about Nicky and what she was offering that excited me and gave me that passion I thought, yes I can do this again.”

Dawn then decided to join The RockIT Programme and here is what happened next.

Final words from Dawn

"Nicky and Katy have helped me in so many ways. Handling my mindset has been hard for me alongside some of the issues that we'd had at the beginning of the year.

Then, becoming unwell myself, it was challenging to drag myself in and have that positive mindset. I had to have it. I had to keep going. I had a purpose and a belief that was in the pit of my stomach that no matter what, I've got to keep going and I did and look at the results.
My final words of advice is; follow the process and just do it. And that's what it comes down to, do it. The programme Nicky and Katy run gives you the blueprint; it's the map.

When we first spoke Nicky used the example of the pilot taking 500 excited people to Disney World and that most of the time on route they are off course.

However, they still have a map for where they're going, because they've got 500 passengers on there that want to get to Disney World.

You give us that map. You give us that blueprint to do it. And it's down to us, yes we might deviate off course, that's fine, but if you follow that map and you follow the blueprint, you will get to Disney World; and I have to say it is magical when you get there."

Dawn Turbitt MD of KSB Recruitment

We quadrupled the business overnight in terms of the activity and doubled our sales in 6 weeks.

Sales were poor, we were heavily relying on one particular client at the end of each year. There was no structure or flow in the business. We were at the rock bottom when I came on the programme and I didn't see a way through.

Since working with Nicky and Katy I've seen absolutely fantastic results in six months. Just a few simple tweaks quadrupled the business overnight in terms of the activity and doubled our sales in 6 weeks.

This has made such a difference at home. I'm less stressed, I'm sleeping better. And the team, there's a big team spirit now where there's a lot of positivity in the office.

Listern to what Dawn has to say:

Implementation and Results:

  • Dawn set a new vision for the company with Katy and Nicky’s help.
  • With a new lease of energy and belief in hereself and the team, Dawn started to direct, coach and lead the consultants to success.
  • Dawn set a stretch goal of £750,000 in turnover in 12 months; bearing in mind in Feb 2018 her turnover was £16,805.
  • Dawn started by rigorously implementing a 90-day plan following Nicky’s structure. This included setting revenue goals, analysing how many placements they would need and how many interviews would have to take place.
  • KPI’s were set, and the consultants followed an accountability process; including Dawn, who shared her results on the whiteboard too; the team were buzzing.
  • Dawn actioned Nicky and Katy’s Gold and Silver job process with her team and removed 50% of the current unprofitable jobs they were working off the board.
  • The consultants started ‘specking out’ candidates using the Centredexcellence MPC strategy.
  • Dawn instigated a performance management process across the team resulting in the non performers leaving. This left Dawn and a small focussed team. There are two perm consultants, two temp, Dawn and a part-time secretary.

The Outcome:

  • Massive action resulted in good things happening rather than bad! The team started performing, and sales started to flow and; fast. Companies and contacts who wanted KSB Recruitment to help them actively contacted Dawn and her consultants; including a formula one racing team.
  • The monthly turnover grew exponentially. February’s turnover of £16,805 grew to over £100,000 by September of the same year, i.e. in less than seven months.
  • Dawn and her team will smash through the £750k goal three months earlier than planned and this is without the normal £200k contract that runs at the end of the year.
  • A client Dawn and the team had been chasing for 18 years finally converted, and they are now the official catering and hospitality agency on their PSL.
  • From having 6 temps a week out in February, this figure has escalated to 50 a week.
  • Having nailed their ideal client and identified the Gold jobs they want, the team now say no to clients and jobs that are not a fit anymore.
  • The level of calibre of clients has grown, which has created a snowball effect that attracts more of the clients they truly want to work with.

Transform Your Business and Your Results!

More Success Stories

Cathy Bates

MD, Essential Personnel

“Doubled our Average Fee and Invoiced Our Highest Amount in Perms for 4 Years!”

I’ve worked in recruitment for over 20 years and have always been successful but have never been able to get my consultants to achieve the same degree of success. The course has changed everything for me. It made me realise that the success or failure of my consultants lay at my door and has given me the tools to ensure that they are as successful as me. Since the training, my consultants are overachieving their targets, in March we invoiced £24350 in perms, which is the highest we have done in 4 years… For April we billed £24912.50 and we”ve still got the temp revenue to add to this!! We have also increased our average fee by 50%. It has been amazing!

Steve Evans

Client Services Manager, JAM

Increased Team Revenue by £100,965 In 6 Months

This management training course has helped me to increase revenue by £100,965 for 5 consultants over a 6 month period.


Oliver Gilkes

Team Leader, PE Recruit

“An Extra £320k in Sales”

Following on from Nicky’s course, my team increased their results by 84% – and extra £320k. One of the things Nicky suggested completely transformed my pipeline of new business. This year, we have increased our sales again by 38%. The main reason for this increase in billings is going on Nicky’s course. It was great to be in an environment which encouraged the sharing of best practices, taught me how to plan strategically, how to train members of my team and how (and what) to delegate.

Rachael Dormer

Senior Consultant, White Label

Just Had My Biggest Month Ever - £37,335!

“Since we last met I have consistently been out on 5/6 client meetings each month – pitching and that fear is no longer an issue! AND I have just had my best month ever in recruitment! Doing 4 x deals for £37,335. I just wanted to say thank you for all your help!!”

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