Here’s full details of what you’ll cover in the 6 month programme:

Workshop 1: Motivational Leadership

Understanding the beliefs, activities and skills that make great recruitment leaders is the first step to becoming a great manager yourself. In this first workshop you’ll discover the key skills and attributes that you can implement NOW to get results immediately. You will also get clear on your vision and goals and understand exactly how you are going to achieve these results.

Delegates will:

  • Learn your Role as a Manager ‐ The Functions and Responsibilities of Management
  • Key Management Tasks and Competencies to Model to Get Results Quickly
  • Making the Change to Being a Manager ‐ Reasons for Failure or Success
  • Uncover Personal Strengths and Development Areas to Increase your Personal Impact
  • Learn how to Think Strategically – Creating your Vision, Goals & Priorities
  • How to Engage and Communicate Your Vision Effectively with your Team
  • Create a “Step by Step” Plan of How to Achieve Your Goals

Workshop 2 – The Balancing Act

Learn how you can sustain high levels of personal billing AND manage the success of your team, enabling you to balance the priorities that will deliver results – for you, for your team, and for each individual that works with you.

Delegates will:

  • Understand how to balance your business (Leading) vs. personal priorities (Billing)
  • Learn How to Create Time When You Think You have None
  • Stop Yo‐Yo billings ‐ Delivering Consistent Sales Results
  • Understand how to use Activity & Ratio Analysis as a Motivation Tool
  • How to make Small Tweaks that make BIG Differences
  • Have Confidence in your Decision Making
  • How to Plan Effectively
  • Be able to influence others around them and successfully manage up

Workshop 3 – Developing Champion Performers

Learn how to coach champion performance to create top billers – agreeing goals and targets that raise expectations. How to motivate each individual to deliver their optimum performance and how to delegate effectively.

Delegates will:

  • Learn how to Coach Top Performance consistently
  • How to cascade your Knowledge and Expertise
  • How to Coach as a style of Performance Management
  • Understand How to Listen Effectively to Get Results
  • Learn how to Give and Receive Feedback
  • Delegation and Work Allocation ‐ When and How to Delegate

Workshop 4 – Making Consultants Great

Learn how to create consistently high performance with your team and create a collaborative working culture of top achievers. Also, understand how to handle poor performance and communicate expectations for improvement.

Delegates will:

  • Learn how to Structure and Run Performance Reviews and Manage Succession
  • Learn how to Manage Under Performance
  • Be able to create Personal Development Plans that Motivate
  • Understand Motivation ‐ How to Motivate Staff & De‐motivation, the Signs and Symptoms
  • Be able to run Effective Informal Reviews
  • Know how to Resolve Inter‐Personal and Inter‐Group conflict
  • Learn how to Raise Expectations and get Buy‐in by Setting Compelling Goals

Workshop 5 – Spotting and On Boarding Talent

Having the “right” people in your business is crucial for business success, it’s also a major challenge for most business owners. When you’ve got top performers on board, it’s keeping and growing them that’s the key. This workshop will show you how to spot and on board the “right” talent consistently.

Delegates will:

  • Learn how to Hire Top Talent
  • The Traits of Top Billers – the difference that makes the difference and how to spot it
  • Learn how to Onboard Talent and Succession Planning
  • Know how to Uncover Key Motivators and your teams ‘Hot’ buttons
  • Learn how to Cascade Knowledge and Train New Consultants
  • Influence – how to change mindsets, changing habits

Workshop 6 – Building World Class Teams

Individuals Win the Race, Teams Win the Championship. Imagine a generative team all working to their strengths towards a shared goal – that’s when special things happen. This module will show you how to develop and build self‐directing, collaborative and generative teams.

Delegates will:

  • Learn how to create generative, collaborative and co‐operative teams
  • How to elicit your team’s values and use those to create a culture of top achievement.
  • How to Model High Performing Teams to Increase Your Results
  • Know how to use your Team’s Strengths to Transform Results
  • Understand the Implications of Change on Team Performance and What to Do
  • How to Run Inspirational Team Meetings.

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During this Business Strategy Call, I’ll help you to:

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