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Centred Excellence Case Study Andrew Brindley – AJ Social Care Recruitment


AJ Recruitment and AJ Community Care is a leading provider of social care staffing solutions and community care support. Having been established for over ten years and experiencing consistent growth; the AJ Group’s performance then started to plateau.

Andrew Brindley Director and Jo Guy, Managing Director were eager to kick start the company’s financial performance and growth. They engaged with a coach who assisted them in bringing new; structures, procedures and systems into the business. Concurrently they introduced a monthly board meeting and through implementing these changes, the business gradually returned to growth.

Unfortunately the results were not at the level that Andrew and Jo wanted. Their goal was to grow their billings and increase their margins in a sector that had experienced significant budget cuts and where there was a downward pressure on fees.

Andrew and Jo realised that to grow their company, they were too hands on. Their team members had little autonomy and their culture reflected a ‘tell and do’ style. If they didn’t break the cycle of ‘trying’ to do everything and start growing their peoplenothing would change. Developing managers was regarded as a high priority and yet they had few tools to do this.

It was at this point that Andrew and Jo were introduced to Nicky Coffin at Centred Excellence who is considered one of the UK’s leading experts in this field of recruitment manager development.

Objectives and Aims

To develop an AJ Recruitment organisational culture where team members are developed to contribute to the company’s growth and performance. The key objectives were:

  • To create a culture that was more fun and motivating
  • Develop empowered recruitment managers in the business who could step up and take responsibility
  • Increase employee retention in AJ Recruitment
  • Grow billings; whilst maintaining or even growing margins


The identified solution was for Andrew to participate in the 6 month Become a Great Manager programme led by Nicky Coffin of Centred Excellence. This involved a combination of workshops, online learning and 1:1 coaching calls with Nicky.

As a result of attending the monthly training Andrew implemented the following:

  • Started monthly two hour management meeting as a mechanism to cascade his learnings and launch the resulting actions from each training workshop
  • Created and communicated a new vision for the business
  • The management meeting is now 4 hours and includes sharing of key financial information including profit and loss and a management development session
  • Introduced Pareto’s law ( 80/20) across different departments in the business to focus team members prioritisation and activities
  • Reviewed and streamlined the companies recruitment process; AJ Recruitment were losing good candidates due to a lengthy recruiting process
  • Identified what motivated and was important to each team member and incorporated this in to personal development plans
  • Introduced using the STAR (Situation, Task, Action, Result) model in performance management conversations and SMART objectives
  • Managers are now incentivised on net profit
  • As directors we were challenged to make a difference to things that matter in our business we quickly realised this was our people
  • Directors delegated to managers who are now empowered to act
  • Managers cascade what they have learnt in management meetings to their teams
  • Two managers have now also attended the programme
  • Applied Pareto’s law when coaching


  • Grew business by 120% over last 12 months
  • Had a record week, month and year over the last year
  • Have a fully staffed temporary and permanent team for the first time in 2 years, with values that match the business
  • Decreased the number of debtor days by 50%
  • Increased temporary workers by 50%
  • Increased from 3 to 7 the number of large clients being serviced
  • A customer survey reported that 100% of customers would recommend AJ Recruitment
  • Increased business and commercial awareness of the management team
  • Now have an open culture where individuals are; motivated, empowered, developed and enjoy working with AJ Recruitment which has increased the retention rate

Andrew Brindley’s personal recommendation and comment:

“If a Recruitment business owner is looking to move their business to the next level and wants to know how to attract high quality talent who consistently perform then I can highly recommend the Leader Manager Programme.

Nicky challenges you to make a difference to what’s important in your business and encourages you to just do it and not to be afraid if things go wrong. She generously shares her time, knowledge and expertise and I would always leave a 1:1 coaching call with more than I expected.”

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