Helping Billing Manager Emma to Get Consistent Team And Personal Performance


White Label Recruitment was founded in 2009 by Louise McMullan and specialises in supplying technical engineers into the engineering and manufacturing sectors on both a; permanent and contract basis. While Louise had a vision for the business which had grown steadily, it was clear that not all the team were aligned behind the company vision and values. Consequently there were inconsistencies in the brand and the business had challenges recruiting for internal staff.

Emma Crayfourd joined White Label Recruitment in 2012 as a senior contract specialist and then progressed to a team leader role; managing two consultants.

Emma had worked in recruitment for over six years and yet had received no formal management training.  Louise and Emma were introduced to Nicky Coffin by another recruitment colleague and have subsequently both participated in the Become a Great Recruitment Manager Programme.

Objectives and Aims

  • To create alignment behind the company vision and values that communicated the company brand.
  • To build a platform of team Leaders in the business that would allow Louise to step back and focus purely on strategic issues that will grow White Label Recruitment.
  • To create a recruitment process that was based on facts rather then gut
  • How to maintain billings whilst managing and developing a team


Having started the leader manager programme, Emma implemented the following into her daily work schedule:

  • Stopped having daily meetings with her senior recruiter to go over daily plans; instead met with the individual weekly.
  • Stopped telling her team what to do and started coaching them
  • Empowered the team to act on their own ideas
  • Increased  time she spent at her own desk ‘role modelling’
  • Reviewed all her daily activities using an activity inventory and analysed what she needed to do and what could be delegated
  • Both team members also implemented this to assist them in prioritising their activities
  • Began to interview for internal candidates using a ‘values’ and performance based approach
  • By understanding in more detail KPI’s and performance ratios, Emma used a data driven
    approach to deal with areas of under performance


Emma has achieved the following as a result of implementing all the above;

  • Tripled her own billings
  • The business has doubled in revenue over the last year
  • Now works a 12 month plan for herself and team in place of a 4 month plan
  • Consultants more confident to act on their own without asking and needing reassurance
  • Training sessions now structured and changes in behaviour as a result
  • Team work in the same way irrespective of Emma or Louise being present in the office
  • Is now able to manage performance issues without the previous emotional conflicts
  • Able to manage team and billings working smartly and enjoying life

Emma’s personal recommendation and comment:

“The leader manager programme is good for all levels of manager through to directors. Nicky is; straight talking, honest and open and gives great personal examples of what works and doesn’t work in recruitment. She talks common sense and doesn’t over complicate things.

During the course, Nicky continually gave us ideas on how we could practically implement what she was teaching back in our own organisations. This means you don’t have to think about how you are going to apply everything when you are back in the office. I am now confident in my ability to continue to be a high biller and manage a high performing recruitment team. ”

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