Helping Independent Recruiter, Yakub Zolynski, Double His Fees And Make Consistent Placements Without Working 24/7


Market Mavens is a boutique recruitment consultancy providing permanent and contract hiring solutions across; hedge funds, R&D tax, and technology start-ups.  Established for a number of years and enjoying good initial growth, the company began to experience the kind of peaks and troughs in billing that quickly become a frustration for most ambitions business owners.

Yakub Zolynski, founded Market Mavens in 2010. He had been working with a generalist business coach who had helped him navigate through the early stages of setting up a business.

However, as the peaks and troughs of billing continued Yakub realised he knew where he was and wanted to be; yet didn’t know how he could create his vision and turn that into tangible reality. He also knew he was;

  • Spending all his timetime working ‘in’ the business and not enough ‘on’ the business
  • Lacked the working structure and habits to work ‘on’ the business
  • Experiencing downward pressure on fees due to the economic climate

Yakub decided it was time to look for a coach who specialised in the recruitment industry. Having contacted Growth Accelerator, Yakub was sent the details of 5 industry specialist coaches and Nicky Coffin of Centered Excellence “stood out”. Shortly after Yakub and Nicky began working together.

Objectives and Aims

  • The overriding aim was to turn Market Mavens into a company, not just a great personal brand.
  • Build the organisation while growing Yakub’s personal billings.
  • To create a working plan that included a structure to working on the business.
  • To grow billings consistently; whilst building the company.
  • To be able to deal with the downward pressure on fees confidently.


Shortly after Yakub and Nicky began working together; Yakub decided that to take his business to the next level he would commit to working with Nicky for 12 months by participating in the 750k Billing Blue Print programme led by Nicky. This involved a combination of two, 3 day retreats, weekly accountability calls with a group, online learning and 1:1 coaching calls with Nicky.

As a result of participating in the programme over the last 8 months Yakub has implemented the following:

  • Decided to focus the business in 3 / 4 key markets when he had previously worked several more
  • Working fewer roles that are higher fee paying –introduced a new 25% fee structure
  • Developed and mapped a new 16 step product as his recruiting process
  • Withdrew Market Mavens services from several clients
  • Introduced weekly KPI’s as part of new ways of working
  • Focused weekly activities around KPI’s, challenged self on how investing time smartly
  • New online marketing activities to generate leads
  • Changed to a new CRM system and now enjoying using it


In less than 8 months Yakub has achieved:

  • Best ever billing month
  • Won business with fees that were double the typical value that he had worked on (£25k)
  • Decreased the number of active jobs; routinely worked 12 this is now down to 5
  • Now working far more mid to senior level roles
  • Shift in mindset, values himself and service he delivers and has the confidence to charge 25% fees
  • Withdrew services from a 15% commission client who requested to work with him again at 25%
  • Working less hours with with higher quality and higher fee paying clients

Yakub’s Personal Recommendation and Comment:

“The 750K Billing Blue Print programme is refreshing and from what I have researched is unique in the recruitment market. No other programme combines teaching the skills that are required to bill £750K and build a business with the ‘mindset’ work that is required to achieve this. Nicky creates an open, supportive environment and introduces like-minded people to the group who support each other through the highs and the lows of the journey.

Nicky’s level of recruitment industry and business building knowledge, her practical approach and willingness to share all her scripts, templates and systems is a huge advantage and saves so much time, energy and resources. She has a gift in terms of questioning skills. Nicky asks a question that quickly allows you to get to the root cause of what is holding you back which I find invaluable. I would certainly recommend the £750K Billing Blue Print and Nicky Coffin to any independent recruiter who is serious about wanting to build their business.”

To find out how to join one of Nicky’s programmes email: