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How To Keep Hold Of Your New Star Biller

Posted by Nicky Coffin

It’s a fact that, opportunity is now all around us when it comes to choosing our career path and preferred employer.

Depending on your age, you might have a parent that has a different mindset. It was accepted that in ‘those days’ you got a great job and you stayed with it until you retired.

Today’s employees are different.

I have mentioned Gen Y recruiters in another article that is worth reading, it highlights that taking on board a new recruiter today is different; they have expectations.

The truth is in today’s environment you will need specific strategies to keep hold of your new star performers. Why? Well, otherwise they just might get lured to that recruitment company down the road; because in today’s competition for talented recruiters, this is what is happening.

But all they want is me to pay them more….

It’s worth talking about the elephant that might have just entered the room. Money. There are literally hundreds of studies online about the fact that money isn’t the key motivator when it comes to moving organisations.

There is a caveat though; you have to pay the going rate with a realistic commission scheme. If you don’t you’ll definitely struggle to ever keep hold of anyone that is a high performer.

What are the real challenges?

In a recent APSCo survey 59% of Recruitment Business Owners said recruiting talent was their main challenge this year. I agree and many business owners I speak to each week tell me that keeping hold of good talent is their other big issue.

The good news is that implementing a few simple strategies will work to ensure you keep hold of those budding new star billers.


1. Recruit right

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You would think as recruitment professionals we would know how to recruit wouldn’t you? The truth is recruiting a high performing ‘sales professional’ like a recruitment consultant, needs a process.

It’s a word I rarely use and I think its right for this situation. You MUST have specific criteria in place that you measure against, when you are interviewing potential candidates.

The pressure of your own growth targets and needing to recruit consultants to deliver for you now, can sometimes muddy the water.  This is one area where it’s certainly worth hanging out for a candidate that ticks all the boxes.


2. Set expectations and implement an induction process

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I remember my first ever sales job (not in recruitment). Picture the scenario on day one. I was shown a tiny desk in the corner. The good news was that there was a phone on it and a copy of the Yellow Pages. My induction was to pick up the phone and start dialling. I know it was a few years ago and of course we are all much more sophisticated now; aren’t we? Maybe, maybe not.

Think of the positive impression you can make on a new recruit that has a documented induction process in writing. They know what is expected of them and when.


3. Invest in them

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What exactly do they need to excel in their role? I would suggest the following.

  • Specific goals
  • Training
  • Development with a personal plan and milestones
  • Coaching
  • …………a manager that believes in them

There are other things of course that many companies add into the mix including the latest software, outsourced help and state of the art technology. How many boxes in this list are you ticking?


4. Show them what is possible #Acareerpath


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If you have expansion plans then make sure they know how they will fit in. If they could be a billing manager or associate director in a few years make that clear.

People need to know that their career development and growth are valued as much as, if not more than, hiring external people. That’s because you solve three things at once when you hire someone internally — you fill a role, you retain a good recruiter and you improve your recruitment brand to retain and attract more talent.

Recruiting talent is a key skill of recruitment managers. We cover this in depth on our billing manager programme. To get on the waiting list or to find out more fill out the contact form here.


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