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My Secret R And R Strategy

Posted by Nicky Coffin

What busy year so far for all the recruiters I’ve spoken to; has it been the same for you? I suspect so. With the economy in the UK growing comes the need for organisations to find and employ talented individuals; which is where a great recruitment professional is worth their weight in gold.


The individuals I work with care about their clients and candidates and want to deliver an outstanding job. Sometimes at the detriment of their own time and energy!


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Time for some R and R then? My secret strategy? Before you open the wine and get your significant other to feed you grapes, I am taking about a different R and R. This one comes first; its reflection and review and you can implement it consistently throughout 2015.


One of the first things I learnt that improved my results                        


For those of you that know me well it won’t surprise you that I am a big action taker; always have been, though now I add a few additional elements into the way I work.


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When I first became serious about improving my results as a billing consultant I attended a training session where I was introduced to the P.A.R. model. It stands for.

  • P-Plan
  • A-Act
  • R-Reflect


At the time I did a lot of acting and not much planning and reflecting! Though I got results I didn’t really know what was working.


When I started to reflect on where I was, what had worked and what hadn’t. I was surprised. #actuallyshocked.


I realised that if I had been focused in a couple of specific areas I would have got better results in less time. That first realisation, quite literally changed the way I worked in a matter of days.


The power of reflection


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The trouble with many people is they don’t like to reflect. Why? I am not sure. Some people don’t like to look at how they do things and what is even worse is that others can’t see when they have done something well.


Here is an exercise. Keep a notebook handy or Evernote open on your computer and every time you do something make a note of it. Then after a couple of days reflect on what has gone on. Imagine that your best friend has written this down. What would you say to him or her?


A recent student of mine in the 750k billing blueprint was beating themselves up about what they had achieved. The figures were; 2 new job offers, sent 15 CVs and 11 interviews under their belt with 8 of them being first interview. Yet they didn’t think it was a great week!!**
Remember reflection works both ways. If you are working on your own don’t lose perspective


Reviewing is about the facts


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Once you have reflected how about digging down into the detail and review what is happening?


This is so important if you want to improve yours or your team’s performance. Some time ago I talked about having a set of KPI’s that you could work to.


Over the years, because I review my activities I know what I need to do more of and what I can ditch!


And finally…….


If you have not gone through this process now is the time to start. Here are a few questions to get you going.

  • When have I been focused on in the last 90 days?
  • What have been the high points and why?
  • What am I pleased about?
  • What felt hard?
  • What felt easy?
  • Did I have a flashing of the blinding obvious?
  • What surprised me?
  • What are my numbers and what are they telling me?


I hope you found this article useful.  If you would like some more tips on how to deal with the inner game or help your team to deal with their inner game – join my FREE Webinar The 6 Step System to Convert Your Under Performers to High Billers in 14 days or Less’ 


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Till next time,