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Julia found herself stuck in a rut after a really bad year and felt at her lowest. Now she's totally changed the way they work, their attitude to business and much got more focus. They've had their best year ever and added an extra £100k with a team of 2.

Julia Fenwick

PR And Communications Recruitment

Matthew went from being in the dark about how his business was performing and not knowing how to deal with problem people in his team to a record year (an extra £150k), a happy and stable team, and processes that have given him total clarity and control on his business growth.

Matthew Welstead

Shipping and Logisitics Recruitment

Mandy was frustrated, overwhelmed, working crazy hours and 10% fees…. Now she's had a record year, more than doubled her turnover and profitability and knows exactly what and how to move her business forward.

Mandy Blackwell

Commercial Recruitment

Richard didn't have clarity on how to take the business forward and was working very long hours. Now the business is in really good shape, they've know exactly how to move the business forward and have increased average fee by 100%.

Richard Wylde

New Homes and Building Sector Recruitment

How Denise is using RockIT with her brand new business to know exactly where to focus, what to charge and how to scale…

Denise Baxter

HR Recruitment

How Heather went from hands on billing with a very small team doing £120k and no experience of running a business, to a team of 5 achieving £500k in last 6 months.

Heather Clark

Public Sector Senior Leadership Recruitment

Jonathan was the main biller and struggled to remove himself from recruiting. He wanted to step back to scale through his team. Now he's stopped billing, hired a manager to run the team and taken his first 2 week holiday without ANY phone calls or email interruptions!

Jonathan Hann

Engineering Recruitment

Nick was using the old 360 model and struggled to grow because it was hard to bring people in and for them to be successful. Now he's totally changed his team model, narrowed down sectors and niches and has a higher performing, focused team and business.

Nick Smith

Energy and Commodities Recruitment


1st Retained Project at 25% Fee!

Best Week Ever!!!!

Team Rocking IT All In Her Absence…

Increased Results by 262%!!!

Achieved £1m Turnover Business

Achieved Their Best Week Ever!!!

2nd Best January For 5 Years!!!

Biggest Quarter Ever!!!

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