You Made It!

Congratulations on booking your profit accelerator session! We are excited for you as this session can be a life changer...

Your appointment is tentatively booked and we are currently reviewing your application. We will contact you within 24 hours to let you know if your application is successful. 

We will call you at your preferred time, so please be ready! If you can’t make your appointment for ANY reason, please be courteous and let us know.

Remember the Goal is to get you Crystal Clear on 3 things: 

#1 – What is unconsciously sabotaging you from taking your business to the next level #2 – How to significantly increase business profits #3 - A step-by-step plan to create quick wins, quick results and quick profits, with as little effort as possible...

The bottom line, This Will Be The BEST Hour You Have Ever Spent working on your business, you have our word! 

Until then, Keep Rocking! 

Nicky and Katy

Dawn Turbitt KSB Recruitment  

“We quadrupled the business overnight in terms of the activity and doubled our sales in 6 weeks.  

Sales were poor, we were heavily relying on one particular client at the end of each year. There was no structure or flow in the business. We were at the rock bottom when I came on the programme and I didn't see a way through.  

Since working with Nicky and Katy I've seen absolutely fantastic results in six months. Just a few simple tweaks quadrupled the business overnight in terms of the activity and doubled our sales in 6 weeks.  

This has made such a difference at home. I'm less stressed, I'm sleeping better. And the team, there's a big team spirit now where there's a lot of positivity in the office.”

Lee & Theresa Durrant Founders, Resource on Demand

“Working with Nicky and the Centred Excellence team have helped us transform our business. Nicky helped us see how we could take our business to a new level and supported us to make it happen. We have also valued the fact that Nicky and Katie are a good team, the balance of Nicky’s coaching approach and Katie’s: direct, ‘do this’ approach has really worked for us.”

Jessica Marshall Founder and Owner - Absolute Solutions Group  

"It is worth everyone trying the RockIT programme. I have belief now that we can do this. My accountant keeps telling me I should reduce this year’s target. I keep telling him, no, we have this, I know what I am doing. He doesn’t understand!  

Myself and my husband, who also works in the business, are both coming on the next RockIT programme, because he's seen what I've done. He’s seen how it's changed me for the better."

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