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The Recruitment Business Accelerator Podcast

This Podcast is for Owners, MD’s, Directors and Senior Managers of Recruitment or Executive Search companies who want leading edge strategies and tools to build an incredibly successful recruitment business and team that you can confidently step away from without it going 'belly up'... We go live weekly to share our top strategies to help you grow your business and your team, get higher performance from them each month, WHILE enjoying more freedom, profit and balance in your world.

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Do you have a business that's fit to scale? Discover your score and how you stack up.

EPISODE 11: 4 Hacks To Become a Productivity Jedi

If you regularly get to the end of the week wondering what it was you actually achieved, and never finding time to work ON your recruitment business, because you kept getting sucked back into hands-on stuff, or if find yourself doing jobs that you know you shouldn’t be doing, or if you want to just be more productive with your time – then you will love what Katy and Nicky have to share in the latest podcast on how become x10 more productive!

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EPISODE 10: The 4 Hacks You Must Implement To Smash Your Goals In 2020

According to research a staggering 92% of people didn’t achieve the goals they set for themselves this year. If you want to break the cycle and do what the other 8% of successful goal-setters do exceptionally well… then this episode is for you. You’ll learn the BIG reason why 92% of Recruitment Business Owners don’t achieve their goals and the 4-Step Action Plan to GUARANTEE you hit your goals in 2020 including the QUICKEST way to generate new revenue for 2020.

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EPISODE 9: How Dawn Bannister Doubled Her Team’s Performance in 12 Months Achieving £1.6M.

Our client Dawn Bannister doubled her team’s performance in 12 months achieving £1.6M, by using our 5 Key Processes model. In this episode we cover a detailed step by step break down of each of the 5 processes Dawn implemented and how she simplified the business model from 360 to 240 and got significant increase in performance levels as a result. Plus – what to STOP doing to double your team’s performance over night!

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EPISODE 8: The 4 Systems You Must Have to Scale Your Recruitment Business

Want to learn what you need to do to gain total control of your business and life? There are 4 Systems (we call these the 4 Critical Machines…) that you MUST have set up in your recruitment business if you are serious about scaling successfully. In this episode you’ll learn what these are, what to do and where to start if you are missing any of them, and how to hire the right people to follow and implement these systems.

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EPISODE 7: Want to Know the Secrets of Winning Team Gold at the Olympics?

Last week Katy and Nicky worked alongside Dr Hannah Macleod MBE – Gold Medalist Hockey Olympian from Rio 2016. She shared with us exactly how the GB hockey team won their Olympic gold medal through amazing planning and some very clever strategies. The parallels between how a recruitment business and sport team work are very close… which means that when you know what these key strategies are, you can model them into your own business to create a higher level of success.

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EPISODE 6: The 4 Reasons Your Recruiters Don’t Hit Their Targets

Are you a recruitment business owner with consultants that are either underperforming or not billing consistently, but are making just enough to keep their job? Is cashflow shot to bits so you have to jump back into hands-on billing to hit targets? Inside this episode you’ll learn the REAL reason why people don’t hit their targets EVEN when you’ve made it crystal clear what they are (and what to do). Plus – the 4 simple steps to improve performance – for even your most resistant consultants!

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EPISODE 5: The Real Reason Why You’re Not Getting The Fees You Deserve And What To Do About It!

Are you a recruitment business owner who is frustrated with the levels of fees your clients are paying you, or knows you’re under charging but worried about say “no”? In this episode Nicky and Katy share the untold SECRET to unlocking the fees you want and how, unknowingly, you and your team could be sabotaging your ability to ask for the fees you deserve, how you can become a PERFECT match for your clients, and a simple 1 STEP action to increasing your fees overnight!

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EPISODE 4: Key Management Secrets of Ultra Successful Recruitment Business Owners

Knowing how to manage people effectively to get consistent performance without stifling them AND making sure they perform is one of the hardest things to do. Inside today’s episode Nicky and Katy will be sharing with you the management secrets that Katy used to get her team of 65 achieving £160k average billings per head and Nicky used to turn her team around from losing money to a £400k net profit in 12 months by installing a step-by-step management system.

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EPISODE 3: The Secret Mindset of Millionaire Recruitment Business Owners

Are you a recruitment business owner feeling like you want to kickstart your growth but just don’t know how? Frustrated that your team STILL aren’t billing anywhere near your level… and you’ve run out of ideas on how to change? Experiencing ‘feast and famine’ months that are killing your cashflow? If you want to snap your business out of ‘survival mode’ and set it up to THRIVE in any economy then you will love what Katy and Nicky share about the true millionaire business mindset.

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EPISODE 2: Do You Want to Guarantee You Smash Your Targets In the Next 90 Days?

Are you a WAY BEHIND target and worried you’re running out of time to sort it out? Have you had an OK year, but want to guarantee you FINISH ON A HIGH? Either way, there’s certain things you need to take action on RIGHT NOW to make up any deficit for your best quarter ever. In this Episode we share with you our TOP 5 hacks to guarantee you smash your targets in the next 90 days, and let you know the mistakes you’re probably making that are killing your consistent results.

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EPISODE 1: The 5 Easy Steps to Gain Back Your Time, x10 Your Productivity and Re-connect With Your Mojo

If, on the face of it, you’ve got a successful recruitment business, but in reality you’re feeling burnt out and frustrated… the problem is not just the negative impact this has on your cashflow… the REAL PROBLEM is that you begin to resent your business. In this podcast, Katy and Nicky share 5 ways to 10x your productivity, so you can get past this and build a business that you LOVE, that works for YOU rather than you – working for IT!

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