Recruitment Business LaunchPad

London, UK | 22 - 23 October 2019

Join us for 2 days this July and discover the exact steps you need to use to increase your profits by up to 100% in the next 12 months or less.

Increase your confidence and put an end to your frustration so you can FINALLY build a recruitment business that gives you financial freedom without increasing demands on your time.

WHY Recruitment Business LaunchPad?

Lets face it, building a recruitment business is probably one of the most challenging things you'll ever do...


Hiring the right people, getting them to bill consistently, staying clam, keeping on track, whilst juggling the day to day needs of running a business and your own customer base can be a real struggle...

The good news is it doesn’t have to be this way.

There  are some very simple changes you can make that will transform your experience instantly and that’s what this 2 day experience is all about!

The premise of this 2 day programme is rooted in the understanding that your results (meaning, the level of success you are experiencing, the results that you are getting from your team, how you lead, how you spend your time) aren’t actually a result of how hard you work or how much effort you put in.

Instead your results are directly correlated to your ‘Inner Game’ or mindset, your beliefs, your fears, your behaviours, your habits and actions,  combined with some small tweaks to a handful of key business processes.

So to shift your inner game and business results you will go through a process over the 2 days that has you experience a profound shift in how you approach everything in your business.  It allows you stop doing the things that have been holding you back and dramatically increases your results, very quickly.


In just two days, we will help you unlock the exact skills and techniques YOU need to build a 7 – 8 figure business and stay refreshed, creative, and in control; freeing you up and leveraging you to do what you do best.

Plus you'll learn exactly what areas to focus on so that you double or triple your income in the next 12 months, while working LESS.


Event Presenters

Nicky Coffin founded Centred Excellence in 2009 and Katy joined as Nicky’s business partner in 2016. By combining their knowledge, expertise and 35+ years experience of building 7 and 8 figure recruitment businesses, Katy and Nicky make a great team. The balance of Nicky’s coaching approach and Katie’s direct, ‘do this’ approach really works well together.


Nicky Coffin


Katy Green

Why You Need to Attend

Recruitment Business LaunchPad Event will give you everything you need to know to take your business (regardless of whether you’ve got a team of 3, or if you’re already well established!) to the next level!

We focus on four main areas and teaching principles in Recruitment Business LaunchPad your business growth...

Step-by-Step Game Plan

Business Mindset Mastery

Getting ‘In Flow’ & Reconnecting With Your Mojo!

How To Scale– With Balance

Amongst other things, by the time you leave the event you’ll be equipped with new skills, tactics and a step-by-step plan of how to x3 scale your business in the next 12 months or less, you’ll have smashed through any limiting beliefs or self-sabotage patterns holding you back and you’ll have streamlined and simplified your role, so you have more balance in your world…

That’s not all though, you’ll have uncovered one area that will add at least an extra £100k in next 6 months and say good bye to time wasting / low value resources and clients… giving you up to 4 hours extra a day to work ‘ON’ the business rather than ‘IN’ it…


Who Is It For?

This Event is for Recruitment Business Owners, Directors and Senior Managers who want to:

  • Spend less time making everyday decisions and fixing problems that other people are perfectly capable of handling
  • Achieve dramatic revenue growth without working more, hiring more people, or investing more of our money and other resources
  • Find and maximize hidden opportunities for revenue-building (and won’t complain if those opportunities bring in £100Ks in profit)
  • Take a weekend or a holiday away without worrying if the business will implode
  • Decrease stress, anxiety, and overwhelm… and eliminate feelings of “I just can’t do it!”
  • Provide exceptional opportunities for employees who care about your success

Who Are We & Why Trust Us?

In case you don’t know, Katy and I have both worked as successful recruitment directors and leaders over a combined total of 35+ years. We have built our own 7 and 8 figure organisations and have both worked our way up from the ground transitioning from recruiters to business owner/MD.

Because of this, we know exactly what it’s like and understand the challenges as you move from being a great sales people into a business builder…..

Fact: Unlike our competitors, we are able to work strategically as well as giving you the step-by-step processes of what you need to do, how to do it.

More importantly, as performance coaches and trainers, we are also there to support and guide you through the challenges that will pop up when you implement changes….

For the past 9 years, we have helped hundreds of recruitment business owners and their managers to transform their results. Amongst the scope of credentials in our armour we have:

  • Lived and learned through 2 recessions and gained the answers to weather any storm
  • Launched into multiple new sectors and built number one brands in their field
  • Managed outsourced solutions and alternative recruitment offerings outside of contingency and retained
  • Have expertise in both contract and perm recruitment solutions
  • Developed teams of highly successful managers from billing consultants
  • Cultivated outstanding billing teams in 13 different sectors
  • Managed an operation of 70 fee earners and a multi million turnover
  • Have international recruitment expertise


Here are some of the results our clients have experienced…


Abi Dunn

Founder - Sixtyeight People

Just wanted to say a big thank you for this week. I loved it. And I’ll be honest - it’s the mindset stuff that I love. The other stuff I’m just annoyed that I haven’t thought of it myself - but the mindset stuff.... I’m a different person. And as an aside - I genuinely think Liz and I were meant to meet. She is ace and we have so much in common and I think we will help each other.

Literally haven’t stopped thinking about some of the learning. I know you already know this - and have made a difference to so many people - but for what it’s worth - you have made a difference to me. Personally and professionally. Thank you.


Mina Machacek

MD – Creative Personnel

The combination of Nicky and Katy is powerful. Nicky does more inner work and is able to help you go to a deeper level which means you understand yourself, what you want, what drives you and what is blocking you. This, then allows Katy to give you the how to achieve what you want.

Katy is very good at how you’re going to act and move towards what you want. She builds excellent rapport and trust with the team and managers. I see them as my partners. They are genuinely interested in the business doing well and they can both work at any level.

Sarah Leembrugen

Sarah Leembruggen

MD – The Works

It’s been transformational for me, helping me step up. In fact, the way I used to work and run the business is unrecognisable. The team have helped me introduce processes that work and are easy to manage. More importantly they have taken me on a journey of self-discovery and learning, reminding me of my purpose and squashing unhelpful limiting beliefs. The emotional support, guidance and expert advice is on tap and the expertise you gain from group members is invaluable too.

I have never come across a programme quite like it. They’re not just super smart and supportive people who run it but great fun too. In fact, I could have just written two words – game changer.


Andrew Brindley

MD – AJ Social Care

If you’re looking to move their business to the next level and want to know how to attract high quality talent who consistently perform then I can highly recommend Centred Excellence.

Nicky and Katy challenge you to make a difference to what’s important in your business and encourages you to just do it and not to be afraid if things go wrong. Here’s some results we’ve experienced:

Grew business by 120% over last 12 months
Have a fully staffed team for the first time in 2 years, with values that match the business
Decreased the number of debtor days by 50%
Increased temporary workers by 50%
Increased large clients being serviced from 3 to 7
Now have an open culture with motivated, empowered, developed individuals which has increased the retention rate

What can you expect?

Total Clarity & a Step-by-Step Plan

The path to scaling your business to a 7 – 8 figure turnover is always always simpler, easier and faster than you’d think… During the event, we will help you get total clarity on your game plan and how, by making a few small tweaks, you can grow by 20% - 100% in the next 12 months or less, without having to work any harder.

Major Personal Breakthroughs

During the event, we will be working on personal blockers…. Everyone will be given the chance to flush out ideas, get feedback and gain clarity on a number of business and personal issues.  These sessions are where you will get the transformation – you’ll leave the even feeling like a different person….

Taking 90% Off Your To-Do List

You will discover how to structure the team around you so you can delegate, outsource or stop doing time wasting / low value activities which means that you spend more time ‘In Flow’ and are x10 more effective.

More Success Stories

Louise Shepherd

MD – First2Recriuit

Rob de Main

Director – Easy Web

Sarah Leembruggen

MD – The Works

Mike Jones

MD Codex

Beth Horsley

Manager - Zenopa

Dominique Craput

MD – CFC Recruitment

The Venue


Recruitment Business LaunchPad


Holiday Inn, South Kensington, London


22nd & 23rd October 2019


Doors open at 08.45am for registration

Full Event Schedule


  • How to grow your business to the next level!

  • Discover your ‘big why’ behind it all and make it come to life

  • Get total clarity on your vision and a step-by-step plan of exactly how to achieve it

  • Re-discover your ‘mo-jo’ and keep yourself motivated!

  • How to see the opportunities for growth that are right under your nose

  • How to “course correct” quickly and easily when obstacles get you off track

  • How to improve your personal leadership to drive grow and get better engagement, performance and results from your team

  • How to become an inspired business that people line up to work for!


  • Discover how to break the unconscious fears that are holding you back from building your 7 – 8 figure business

  • How to work “In Flow” 80% of your day so that you add maximum value whilst working LESS

  • Our ‘D Tool’ that will help you get 90% off your to do list and get more balance back into your life

  • Exactly who to hire around you so you can focus 100% on what you do best and have a top performing team

  • How to fire yourself with confidence – so you create a business that runs on its own!

  • How to safely stretch your business goals and actually reach them

  • The “90D” Tool that helps you get more done in the next 90 days than the last 9 months

  • Become part of a massive like-minded community

And that’s just the “tip of the iceberg” – we’ll be working in small groups, growing through strategic exercises, and supporting each other in a positive, high-energy environment.

You’ll also get plenty of opportunities to connect with other attendees, share challenges and successes, and build friendships and partnerships that will last throughout your career!

Choose Your Ticket:


Total Value: £999

You Pay: £399
(plus VAT for UK and Northern Ireland)

  • Entry to the event
  • Admission to all workshop sessions
  • Course Materials
  • Networking opportunities with like-minded recruitment professionals
  • A powerful, motivating experience that will help take your business to new heights!


Total Value: £2892

You Pay: £799
(plus VAT for UK and Northern Ireland)

  • Everything in the Standard Package
  • Admission for 2 people - bring your business partner, fellow director or senior manager (£299 value)
  • BONUS access to our Gold Jobs Game Changer online course (£497 value)
  • BONUS access to our “How to Manage Your Business from a Distance” Masterclass (£247 value)
  • 2 x Talent Dynamics profiles (£150 value)

We Will Personally Guarantee Your Investment...

If you don’t agree that the insights, tools, and training you get are worth at least double what you paid to attend, just let us know by the end of the event and we will refund your ticket price 100% - no questions asked!


Who can I bring to the event

As part of the VIP package you can bring a fellow director or senior manager.  Because the event is specifically for business owners, we want to make sure that those in the room are at a certain level.  This event is not suitable for anyone who’s not a senior decision maker in the business.

Are there any discounts for overseas delegates?

No. The current individual ticket price is the one displayed on this page and is the lowest at the time of publication.

Group Bookings: If you have a group of 3 or more people that want to attend, please feel free to reach out to us directly for more information on a group discount.

Who else is on the training programme?

All the delegates are either business owners or senior directors in other recruitment businesses.  The main reason we run open programmes is because of the huge wealth of information and expertise you’ll gain from the other delegates.  So often we’ve witnessed people getting the most amazing gem or insight whilst chatting over a coffee or at lunch…  The benefit of sharing and networking with other individuals from totally different back grounds is invaluable hence why we run open programmes... Everything is 100% confidential and we never put competitors in the same room…

Where does the training take place?

We run the sessions at the Holiday Inn, in South Kensington – so no matter where you are coming from, plane, train or taxi, it’s easy to get to us… 

Can I buy a ticket to just one day of the event?

Your ticket to the summit is all-inclusive of the event. Like a trip to Disneyland!

Single day tickets are not available – plus, why would you want to miss out on a full day of learning and fun, anyway!?

What is the refund policy?

You can cancel at any time, but please be aware of the following policy: If you cancel your confirmed booking, Centred Excellence Ltd will charge according to the following rates:

Days Notice of Cancellation

% Charges to Pay

26 - 20 workings days


16-20 working days


15 workings days or less


Postponing a workshop is technically regarded as a cancellation but we will make every effort to accommodate your requests.

Will I get one to one access to Nicky or Katy?

Nicky and Katy will be on-site for almost the entire event. Although they’ll be busy, they’ll do the best they can to interact with you whenever possible. Our events are friendly ‘safe places’ and we want everyone to feel special and appreciated.

Which hotel should I stay at?

Your ticket for RockIT does NOT include accommodation. As everyone has different needs and tastes, we suggest you check out booking.com or even airbnb for a suitable accommodation. Book early!

Note on parking: We don’t suggest you drive your car into central London. Parking can be tough and expensive. However, if you must, you can check out some parking options close by to the Holiday Inn, South Kensington.

Internationally, we suggest you fly into London Heathrow (LHR) or London Gatwick (LGW). You can also look into arriving at Stansted Airport, London City Airport or Luton Airport. Please liaise with your travel agent for more info and advice.

Are meals included?

Refreshments will be provided on both days of the event.  As is lunch.  We will ask you to let us know if you have any allergies or dietary requirements.

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