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The 6 Warning Signals That Mean a Client Is Not Worth Working With

Posted by Nicky Coffin

With under performers they often spend too much of their time on activities and jobs that don’t get results. As a recruitment manager, if you can train consultants in looking out for warning signals to decide if this client is worth working with, then you will save days and days of wasted effort. Here are some of the six most common red flags that I often cover in recruitment manager training:

1)      The client has been recruiting for the position for three months or more.

This is an immediate red flag. It means that either: the client cannot make a decision on the position, the position keeps changing or there simply aren’t suitable candidates for what they are looking for. The chances of a consultant being able to fill a job like this are slim. It would be better for them to discard that job and rather work on something that is shorter term.

2)      If 6-15 people have been to second interview and the client has still not hired.

This is a red flag because it shows that the client is unlikely to make a decision, regardless of how many qualified candidates you send. If after seeing that many people they still can’t make a decision then it is unlikely that they ever will.

3)      The client is not planning to hire anyone in the next 4 weeks.

This typically indicates is that the client won’t make a decision soon. Rather spend the next 4 weeks working with clients who are hiring now.

4)      Does the client have more than one agency working on the job?

If this is the case the consultant should discard the job and rather focus efforts on jobs where they are the only consultant working on the job. This increases their chances of success. You don’t want to be competing against other consultants for the same jobs.

5)      Any job that doesn’t have a date to fill is not worth working on.

Once again the likelihood of a client actually hiring when the job brief is not very clear is slim. Rather work on jobs where there is a complete and detailed brief.

6)      Any job where the client does not get back to them.

In other words if there is no feedback after putting forward candidates or trying to set up interviews then this is an indication that the client is not serious about filling the job.

When consultants are aware of these six red flags they can avoid working dead end jobs and spend their time being more productive. They can find and work jobs that have a greater chance of delivering results. They can change from being under performers to top performers.

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