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The Recruitment Managers Secret Weapon and Worst Enemy

Posted by Nicky Coffin

So what is this secret weapon and worst enemy?

Knowing how to bill

Non recruiters will probably disagree with the comment. Who cares! Over the last, nearly 18 years (gosh is it that long!) working with recruiters, I have never seen a successful recruitment manager that couldn’t demonstrate expertise in her or his original craft. Being able to bill gives you credibility and a sporting chance at being listened to; even if it may sometimes feel that your consultants don’t.


Let’s be honest if you don’t have competency in a skill how can you teach it? What level is your understanding if you have never experienced a last minute counter offer or a client changing their mind at the final interview stage? You remember those phone calls don’t you? I know I do.

Knowing how to bill gives you a head start in understanding what is going on with your team. Because you have been there, done it and worn the tee-shirt you have valuable knowledge. This means you can save your guys a lot of time.

In a previous post I talked about the desk review process and how to work the right jobs. This is golden knowledge that; when you teach it to your team could double their results.

Being a great billing manager also has its downside. Have you guessed? Well it is a couple of related things.

  • Micro managing
  • My way or the highway

Micro managing

Micro managing is a pain. It will drive you into an early grave and potentially, in the process, result in a talent exodus. So what is going on here?  It is generally, ‘control’ based. Often set up by fear. The fear that the team will; “never perform unless I look over everything they do?” In fact the opposite is true provided your team have; guidance, support and training and know the bigger vision. Then they will perform.

My way or the high way

I might be describing you I don’t know? One of the teams I managed had; what can only be called an eclectic mix of recruiters. They all looked different, had totally different personalities and yet they all performed. Of course some were better than others (Pareto’s principle) however they all had their own unique way of working. The lesson? There are more ways to skin a cat than most people realise……which means to be a successful recruiter they don’t need to be mini versions of you.

Being a billing manager really is a balancing act and one that you will get right.  Want some ideas? Then sign up for 6 step webinar and let’s get going.

Till next time,



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