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The Truth About Your Champion Billers – Recruitment Manager Training Tips

Posted by Nicky Coffin

Whether you realize it or not, just 20% of your Consultants are the Champions of your business.

When you apply Pareto’s 80/20 principle, this means that out of a team of 10, only 2 of your consultants will deliver 80% of your profits.

I find this figure staggering, yet when you analyse your team, you’ll see that it’s true!  This is one of the key elements I explore when doing recruitment manager training  because I find that most managers pretty much leave their champions alone and spend 80%+ of their time trying to fix their underperformers… The truth is: You are spending your time on the wrong people!

Why You Can’t Change Most Underachievers:

In reality underachievers will seldom change unless THEY decide to do so. The only person that you can control is yourself.  You can’t control changing your under performers. You can of course influence them through coaching, motivating or disciplining, but this is a short term fix.  Ultimately the decision to change needs to come from them.

If you have consultants that consistently don’t meet KPI targets and are generally not bothered about missing targets, it’s unlikely they will change no matter how much time you spend with them, unless they decide to.

When you focus your time and energy on recruiters who take actions from your coaching, mentoring, and expertise, those who are motivated to become better recruiters, you’ll find it takes far less effort to help them get an extra one or two placements a month.  Think of it as Championing your Champions.

Tips for Championing your Champions:

  • Analyse which consultants in your team are responsible for 80% of your profits.

This is one point I try drive home in recruitment manager training. Work smarter! Invest your time and effort in the 20% that are bringing you the 80% profit.

  • Allocate specific time to your consultants that want to achieve results.

Don’t smother your top achievers by micro managing, they will hate that!  Take time out of the office to build genuine relationships with them, take them out, get to know them, spoil them as you would your top client! Simply let them know you really value them and their contribution to your business.

  • Create Opportunities for Your Champions.

Help them to bill more by taking them to networking events, go on joint client meetings where they can meet new contacts and develop higher level business relationships.  One manager I know went on joint meetings with his top performer, taught him how to negotiate confidently and helped him to increase his average fee from £9k – £14k.  This alone added an extra £60k to the consultants billings.

  • Cross Pollinate Skills Among your Achievers.

Pair up consultants with different strengths so that they can learn from one another. This has the added benefit of building a stronger team, as well as skill level.

Some Tips to Deal with Under Achievers:

  •  Make it clear to your underachievers that they have to show a level of commitment.

…that they are willing to change and work hard.  If they want your attention they have to earn and demonstrate it

  • Watch out for empty promises.

So many consultants can talk a great game in the ‘pull up your socks’ meeting, yet when they get back to their desk, carry on doing the same old thing.  So set targets for them, that are specific, measureable and timed.  When they demonstrate that they’re committed you can allocate more time to them.

By taking the time you spend with underachievers and re-allocating it to champions you will be making a much more efficient use of your time. Work smarter!  It’s a great technique for getting a ROI…

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