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Want To Increase Your Billings? Model Excellence – Recruitment Manager Training Tips

Posted by Nicky Coffin

“What’s one of the quickest and easiest way to bill more?” is a question many Recruiters and Managers are asking me in my recruitment training business. And this NLP technique is a gem for doing just that!

Top achievers have the belief that success can be duplicated and there are no limitations in a person’s ability to learn.

If there is someone else out there in this planet that has achieved what you want to achieve, and you go out and do what they do and duplicate their actions and their strategies and their mindset, then you are am going to get a result that is similar to them.

Constantly be looking for success. If you have 10 recruiters in your business and one of them is performing 3 times better than the rest – find out what they are doing and thinking.

Find out by asking questions like – “how did they do that?” Model, pursue and pursue until you get the answer.

Here are 9 other questions you can ask to model Top Performers

  1. What specifically do you do on a day to day basis?
  2. How to you structure your day / week
  3. What are your best practices and strategies?
  4. How do you communicate your products and services?
  5. How do you add value to your customers?
  6. How do you negotiate – specifically?
  7. What do you believe about your product?
  8. What’s important to you when you sell or service a customer?
  9. Who are you when you recruit?

Then simply copy what they do and think!

So there you have it a very simple and highly effective tip to improve your performance!

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